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     D IVA BEAUNE was founded in 1983 by Henri Meurgey and Pierre Beuchet.
Henri Meurgey, oenologist, producer of fine wines and wine broker provided the expertise and knowledge ofburgundy wines and their outlets worldwide.
Pierre beuchet, a specialist in the export of great French wines, had the commercial knowhow. two experts with over 50 years of Burgundian professionalism them.
     D IVA BEAUNE is a permanent and reliable connectionbetween the dispersed, versatile and often inconstant wine producers of Burgundy and the distribution channels abroad which need to evolve constantly in order to satisfy the ever-increasing expectations of customers and wine aficionados.
     N ow after almost fifteen years of existence DIVA BEAUNE has a major position in the marketing of Burgundy estate bottled wines thanks to the expertise of our colleagues, the confidence of our suppliers and customers.

DIVA in Burgundy